the PARITY project



Checkwatt is an agile energy service provider based in Sweden.

Our vision:
Help make the 100% renewable energy system possible by applying intelligence to data and bringing smart control over flexibility. We promote resource efficiency through education, information, measurements and visualization.


  • EnergyInBalance – our end-user platform
  • Improved energy efficiency in buildings, by visualisation of energy related data:
    • electricity consumption and production
    • smart control of battery storage (virtual)
    • district heat consumption
    • heat pump usage
    • weather info
  • Alarms through energy data analytics.
  • Individual metering and billing of electricity and water.
  • Individual metering and billing systems for EV chargers.
  • Gateway with variety of connectivity options (2G, 3G, 4G, NB-IoT, LAN)
  • Data collection from electricity market stakeholders.
  • Data analytics for energy use optimization and fault detection.
  • Solar irradiance sensors for precise solar PV system evaluation.
  • Communication interface with heat pumps and air conditioning units.
  • Virtual power plant and demand response aggregation development.
  • Energy storage dispatch: stationary batteries, EVs and thermal inertia.
  • Issuance and trading of Green Electricity Certificates & Guarantees of Origin.

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