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“The aspiration of PARITY project is to address the “structural inertia” of existing distribution grids by delivering a transactive grid & market framework. PARITY will go beyond the traditional “top-down” grid management practices by delivering a unique local flexibility market platform through the seamless integration of IoT and blockchain technologies. By delivering a market for automated flexibility exchange based on smart contracts & blockchain, PARITY will facilitate efficient and transparent local flexibility transactions and reward flexibility in a cost-reflective and symmetric manner, through price signals based on real-time grid operational constraints and available DER flexibility. By deploying State-of-the-Art IoT technologies PARITY will offer distributed intelligence (DER profiling) and self-learning/self organization capabilities (automated real-time distributed control), orchestrated by the cost- reflective flexibility market signals generated by the blockchain market platform. Within PARITY, DERs will form dynamic clusters that essentially comprise self- organized networks of active DER nodes that will efficiently distribute and balance global and local intelligence, enabling real-time aggregated & P2P transactions through enhanced forecasting, optimization and control of DER flexibility. Finally, the PARITY solution includes novel tools for Active Network Management, including an innovative STATCOM and PQ monitoring device, that will enable the DSO to enhance its management capabilities, grid observability and RES hosting capacity.”

the vision

the parity vision

PARITY addresses the “structural inertia” of DGs by delivering a transactive flexibility framework that will increase durability and efficiency of the electrical grid, while simultaneously enabling the adoption of more RES through enhanced real- time control of DER Flexibility combined with novel Active Network Management functionalities.

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The PARITY project focuses on 6 main objectives:


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Innovative development meets implementation in the first lab trials of the new @PARITY tool kit under our revolutionary #IoT framework! @HT_EnergyLabs, @QueTechnologies and @hive_power

Participate in the new @PARITY survey from @IFFunic to evaluate views on LEM and LFM concepts, motives to participate in such markets, current market needs and drivers for the energy markets transformation!


Stay tuned for the outcomes!

#Oracle meets the #Blockchain, and together they innovate towards the future of energy. The pieces are in place by @QueTechnologies, @HT_EnergyLabs & @hive_power and the #SmartContracts will revolutionize #heating, #cooling, #PV, #Battery, #EV as a service.

The whole @Parity_H2020 team wishes you a happy holiday season and a prosperous new year!

Novel technological solutions can only be successful on the market with the right business model! PARITY offers new business opportunities for Aggregators, Energy Communities, DSOs and end-users by enabling #P2P trading and #flexibility procurement. https://t.co/lAKn3aLs2W Parity_H2020 photo

The 25th of November Christos Malavazos( @HT_EnergyLabs), Guntram Preßmair(e7), Davide Rivola ( @hive_power), Panos Andriopoulos, Panagiotis Moraitis( @QueTechnologies) and Stelios Zikos ( @CERTHellas) shared insights focused on PARITY Smart Energy Contracts at @blockpool_eu bootcamp https://t.co/FD8jknuCKv Parity_H2020 photo

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation under grant agreement no. 864319

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