the PARITY project



MECSA is part of Grupo Empresarial Cuerva, a Spanish electric utility, active in the energy and electricity sector for more than seventy years. Cuerva in a few words, through its subsidiary different companies, is renewable energy, smart distribution, retail, innovation, forward thinking and customer focused.

Cuerva is committed to combining both development and growth with sustainability, innovation and environmental preservation, relaying on the impulse and dedication of its more-than- 90-people-team.

The group’s business areas comprise all electricity sector activities, namely electric power generation, distribution, and retailing. It also undertakes the installation and maintenance of electricity installations. 

MECSA itself is responsible for providing engineering services and technical advisory, executing high, medium and low voltage installations in the distribution grid network, controlling processes and new energy services, and comprehensively operating and maintaining electrical installations.

Cuerva, and therefore MECSA as part of the Group, is onboard the energy transition process, working towards a greener and flexible energy system, a smart and digital distribution network and a customer-central and innovative retail market.

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