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Merit Consulting House​

Merit Consulting House sprl is a Business and Management Consulting firm focusing on entrepreneurship, innovation and on the adoption of new technology applications in the business environment, with special focus on the fields of environment and energy. Merit Consulting House activities involve business model innovation and exploitation, market and policy analysis, innovative systems’ integration, organizational change and customized process management services and techniques. The company also offers strategy, project management, financial management and ICT consulting services. Additionally, Merit Consulting House offers preparation and specialized consulting services for the fulfillment of “ESG Criteria” (Environment, Social and Governance Criteria) in the context of investment screening throughout Europe and Middle East in vertical related to environmental and energy services. In the energy field, Merit Consulting House has significant experience, among others, in energy efficiency, demand response management, analysis and assessment of prosumers’ energy behavior profiles, energy behavior modelling, human-centric comfort optimization strategies and energy policy reform, new models’ exploitation strategy & business innovation planning.

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