the PARITY project


SUPSI (University of Applied Science of Southern Switzerland)

SUPSI is the University of Applied Science of Southern Switzerland. SUPSI offers more than 30 Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree courses in various areas of Engineerings and Arts, characterised by cutting edge education which unites classical theoretical-scientific instruction with a professional orientation. SUPSI takes part in the PARITY project with two of its leading institutes: IDSIA and ISAAC.
The Swiss AI Lab IDSIA (Istituto Dalle Molle di Studi sull’Intelligenza Artificiale) is a non-profit oriented research institute for artificial intelligence developing world-class research on machine learning (deep neural networks, reinforcement learning), operations research, data mining, and robotics.
ISAAC is the Istituite for Applied Sustainability to the Built Environment which is active in research on renewable energies,  the rational use of energy, the refurbishment and maintenance of buildings and also energy planning at the regional and local levels.

SUPSI website
IDSIA website
ISAAC website

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