Joint Workshop: Distributed Flexibility Markets in H2020 Projects

On March 16th at 12:00 (CET), distinct speakers from Horizon 2020 projects PARITY and INTERPRETER presented and jointly discussed in an online workshop, approaches on grid integration and implementation of distributed flexibility market concepts as part of their respective under development solutions. Among others, both projects have set to deal with grid management solutions to address the significant challenges on grid balance caused by known issues such as the inelasticity of demand or the continuously increasing presence of distributed intermittent energy sources. Demand flexibility concepts strive to become part of the solution and as such generate new opportunities for planning, operation and control of the network.

Guest Speakers:

Filippo Bovera from Politecnico di Milano who is working on the development of numerical models for analyzing players operating in the evolving electricity markets, analysed the impact of the European Legislation and Implementation of Distributed Flexibility Markets.

Thomas Walter from the young and innovative German company Easy Smart Grids, developing an innovative smart grid solution allowing the integration of renewable generation while allowing the creation of a market where energy producers and consumers can participate.

Experts from PARITY and INTERPRETER:

Hans Bludszuweit, expert from CIRCE and coordinator of INTERPRETER, introduced the discussion and Manuel Reyes, expert in smart energy solutions from the Spanish company TurningTables presented the flexibility approach on digitized distribution grids.

Stelios Zikos from CERTH and coordinator of PARITY introduced the PARITY concept together with Diego Casado Mansilla from DEUSTO, who presented some conclusions related to the user involvement in the Local Flexibility Market (LFM).

PARITY partners Davide Rivola (HIVEPOWER) and Guntram Preßmair (E7) contributed to the roundtable discussion as Local Flexibility Market experts regarding respectively the pricing mechanisms and blockchain implementation as well as local market structure and relevant business models.

Workshop Agenda:

  • 12:00 Welcome – Hans Bludszuweit (CIRCE), Stelios Zikos (CERTH)
  • 12:05 Filippo Bovera and Giuliano Rancilio (POLIMI): “European Legislation and Implementation of Distributed Flexibility Markets”.
  • 12:15 Stelios Zikos (CERTH) and Diego Casado Mansilla (University Of Deusto): “The PARITY approach – Local Flexibility Market (LFM) concept and user involvement“
  • 12:25 Manuel Reyes (TurningTables): “Flexibility approach on digitized distribution grids”
  • 12:35 Thomas Walter (EasySmartGrid): “Creating a real time local energy market to integrate customer flex for stability and storage”
  • 12:45 Round-table discussion. Moderation: Stelios Zikos and Dimosthenis Ioannidis (CERTH)

The workshop went smoothly and the total number of participants that followed the workshop was 77. The entire workshop session is available in the following link:

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